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Pipe fitting mold classification

As a china mold manufacturer specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic pipe fittings, Yuanrun Mould has more than 10 years of experience in various fitting molds such as tees, cross joints and tees. Yuanrun produce all types of pipe fittings mold, including PVC mold, UPVC mold, PPR, PPH, PE, etc.

Depending on the raw materials of the pipe fittings, we can divide the pipe fittings into the following types.

1. PVC pipe fittings (for high pressure and low pressure water supply and drainage)
1) CPVC pipe fittings for high pressure areas
2) UPVC pipe fittings for drainage
3) PVC flared pipe fitting mold (water supply traction system)
4) PVC wire and pipe fittings, various PVC pipe fittings are buried in the wall.

2. PPR pipe fittings (for indoor hot and cold water supply system)

3. PP pipe fittings
1) PP or PPH flare tube fitting mold with core pulling system
2) PP drain pipe fittings
3) PPH mold for bathroom.

pipe fitting moldpipe fitting mold

According to the shape of the pipe fittings, the pipe fittings can be divided into curved pipe fittings, intersecting pipe fittings, Y-shaped branch pipes, horizontal pipe fittings, different diameter pipes...

1)The elbow fitting mold is made from a full set of curved molds. Elbow fittings are generally used to transport oil, natural gas and other liquids.
2) Cross pipe fittings are frequently used for drain connection, and there is another type: branching. Its pipes are diagonal.
3) The Y-branch is a type of Tee. According to its angle, it also divides into 45° and 90°.

pipe fitting moldpipe fitting mold

Yuanrun Mould provide customers with various pipe fittings mold solutions. Our pipe fitting molds have been brought to Italy, Russia, the United States and so on. Yuanrun will fully consider the needs of our customers and choose the right materials, the mold structure, etc. Our professional design team will use the latest technology to help you produce pipe fittings more efficiently and reduce costs. Each pipe fitting mold produced by Yuanrun Mould is tailor-made for customers. We can provide you with the entire pipe fitting production line and provide technical training and support. Please contact us to get the best price.



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