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Which is better, PE or PVC?

At normal temperature, the strength of PVC pipes is higher than that of PE pipes. PVC and PE are environmentally friendly materials and non-toxic. The entire construction cost of PVC is 8% to 10% of the material. Compared with PE pipes, construction costs are roughly the same. The construction site of the PE pipe must have a construction power source to melt the joint. The technical requirements are also high. However, the PVC pipe is easy to install. No constructive power source is needed at the construction site, and the installation method is simple.

In a certain period of time, PVC pipes still have certain market advantages and application advantages. However, with the development of PE pipes, PVC pipes will gradually be replaced.

At present, PVC pipes are mainly used as an electric power pipe, real estate raindrop pipe and indoor drainage. The products are PVC electrical pipe (commonly known as PVC pipe), PVC drainage pipe, PVC rainwater pipe. PE pipe is more widely used. In addition to municipal drainage and sewage, there are also PE drag pipes, and the power department also uses PE pipes for threading. On the water supply, for example, most of the pipes in rural drinking water safety projects around China are PE pipes.

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