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Introduce PE pipe and fitting

(1) PE pipe is non-toxic, corrosion resistant, non-scaling, which can effectively improve water quality. PE pipe has good pressure resistance, and there are welded joints between the pipes, which effectively resist the load at both ends of the PE pipe and greatly improve the water supply Security and reliability.

(2) In recent years, special materials for PE water supply pipes have been greatly developed. An important reason for the early development of PE materials is their uneconomical nature. However, with the development of special materials for high-performance polyethylene pipes, the advantages of polyethylene pipes have been enhanced, and the application fields of polyethylene pipes have continued to expand.

(3) PE pipe has good flexibility and weldability, and is more convenient to lay, economical, safe and reliable. PE pipes are laid quickly and maintenance costs are low. As long as the joint is good, it can withstand axial loads without leaking and breaking. And can reduce costs. PE pipe has unique flexibility, its elongation at break exceeds 500%, the bending radius can reach 20 to 25 times the pipe diameter, and it has excellent scratch resistance. Therefore, it is easy to move, bend and penetrate during the laying process, and is suitable for various construction methods. Moreover, PE pipes have a strong adaptability to the pipe foundation. On the one hand, the requirements for the pipe foundation are reduced, and on the other hand, the pipe foundation changes after being laid and is not easily damaged.

Yuanrun Mould, a maker of pipe fitting mold in China, have focused on the pipe fitting mold, including PE pipe fitting mold.

PE pipe fittingPE pipe fitting mold


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