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The PPR pipe fitting composes of a polypropylene random copolymer. It is extremely rugged and which is resistant to high temperature, addressing the specific needs of drinking water. Random copolymer polypropylene (PPR) pipes and PPR pipe fittings have grown up to be a requisite part of building hot and cold water delivery, drinking water delivery and heating systems. Additionally, PPR pipe fitting has a superior cost performance, so PPR pipe fitting has been the first choice for home decoration. High quality PPR pipes must have stringent requirements for raw materials and molds. There are three kinds of PP special raw materials that can produce hot and cold water pipes.

1: Add homopolymer PP to a quantity of toughening agent by mixing and granulating. This material is called PPH.
2: The material is copolymerized by PP and PE blocks and is called PPB.
3: Using advanced gas phase copolymerization process, PE is randomly and uniformly polymerized in the molecular chain of PP. This material is called PPR.

Through the computer model, the screw barrel of the extruder for producing PPR pipes can be accurately calculated, and the pressure distribution and the melting rate of each part can be determined, thereby having superior low-temperature plasticizing ability.

It should be pointed out that the life of a counterfeit PPR pipe is less than 5 years, while the true life of a PPR pipe is more than 50 years. To help users identifies true PPR pipes and fittings from shapes.
Please refer to the following methods:
(1) The density of counterfeit PPR is slightly larger.
(2) PPR pipe is white matt or matt of other colors, and the counterfeit PPR pipe is bright.
(3) The PPR pipe is completely opaque, and the counterfeit PPR pipe is slightly transparent or translucent.
(4) The PPR pipe feels soft and the counterfeit PPR pipe feels smooth.

PPR pipe fittingPPR pipe fitting mold

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