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For PE pipe fittings, it is becoming more and more widely used in life. PE pipe fittings which produced by injection molding technology account for about 80%. Injection molded PE pipe fittings are accurate and high in productivity. Therefore, it is widely used in many fields such as automobiles, construction, household appliances, food, and medicine. The choice of pipe fittings is critical to the production of high quality PE pipe fittings. Therefore, the mold designer must understand the basic requirements of the mold material and select the correct material.

PE pipe fitting molds typically operate at temperatures between 150 centigrade and 200 centigrade. The mold not only has to withstand the pressure, but also needs to withstand the effects of temperature. So how do you choose the high-quality PE pipe fitting mold?

PE pipe fitting molds typically have a hardness of less than 50-60 HRC, and the heat treated mold should have sufficient surface hardness to ensure that the mold is sufficiently rigid. In operation, due to the filling and flow of PE material, the mold will withstand large compressive stresses and friction. The wear resistance of the mold depends on the chemical composition of the steel and the heat treatment hardness, so increasing the hardness of the mold is beneficial to improve its wear resistance. Guarantee the life of the mold and shape accuracy and dimensional accuracy of the PE pipe.

In addition, most PE pipe fittings require some cutting and trimming. In order to extend the life of the cutting tool, improve the cutting performance and reduce the surface roughness, the hardness of the steel used for the pipe joint mold must be appropriate.

PE pipe fitting mold

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