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PVC pipe fittings are rapidly popularized in our daily life, featuring lightweight, low cost, high tensile strength and chemical resistance. At the heart of the whole manufacturing process is the mold. Yuanrun Mould Co., Ltd. is a specialized supplier of PVC pipe fittings and PVC pipe fitting mold in China, focusing on pipe fitting molds for 12 years, and We have a wealth of technical resources and supporting facilities. Our designers are currently in training in long terms and engaging in designing for several years which have outstanding pipe design, development and manufacturing capabilities. In addition, we also have excellent processing systems and advanced equipment to ensure the best quality, shortest delivery time and market competitiveness.

Yuanrun Mould provides the 2D product design, drawings drawing, 3D modeling, mold manufacturing for the customers from Japan, Russia, the United States, Germany and others. When manufacturing pipe fittings, we choose the most suitable solution for our clients according to requirements. For example, in order to resist the corrosion of PVC materials, we use anti-corrosion steel as the material of the mold. Pvc pipe fittings thus produced can withstand high pressure environment. You can click the link to get more information about pipe fitting mold, including PVC pipe fitting mold.

Yuanrun Mold Co., Ltd. has been adhering to the tenet of "start from quality, stand on trust, truth-seeking and pragmatic, innovative development", adhering to the operating features of "complete varieties, stable quality, reasonable price and fast service". When you work with a company that pursues quality, we will gather to meet your expectations and exceed your expectations. Please don't hesitate to contact me to understand the need of pipe fittings and even technical support. I hope that we are given the opportunity to establish business relationships in the near future.

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