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Introduce PVC pipe fitting and mold

PVC products are processed by injection molding machines using PVC pipe fitting mold. The main component of PVC raw materials is polyvinyl chloride, which has vivid colors, corrosion resistance and durability. PVC is non-toxic, but in order to enhance the performance of PVC, we usually add some toxic auxiliary materials (such as reinforcing agents and anti-aging agents) during the manufacturing process. So the PVC products usually do not store food and medicine.

What kind of products are PVC materials used for? PVC pipe fittings. Due to the corrosion resistance and aging resistance of the pipe fittings, it is more suitable for products with a long service life. The thermal stability of PVC is not very good, it is easily decomposed by heat, but the temperature should be at least 170 degrees, and the light will not cause decomposition of PVC. At present, the joints of the water delivery system are all made by injection molding of PVC pipe fitting molds.

As a professional pipe fitting mold manufacturer, Yuanrun Mould has rich experience in the development of PVC pipe fitting molds. For more than 20 years, it has provided many customers of the United States, Russia, Mexico and India with high-quality PVC pipe fitting molds. At the same time, we also provide complete PVC pipe fitting solutions, including injection molding machines, various automatic auxiliary machines and comprehensive services. If you want to expand the market of PVC pipe fittings, but don't know much about PVC pipe fittings, please come to Yuanrun. We can not only help you create your PVC pipe fittings factory, but all services are in one step; all equipment installation and inspection; mold , Machine maintenance training; production line operation testing; we provide engineers with on-site guidance and training services until your employees master the operation and maintenance of the production line.

PVC pipe fitting moldPVC pipe fitting mold


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