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How to install PPR pipes and fittings?

In addition to environmental advantages, PPR fittings also have the advantage of simple installation. So how to install PPR pipes and fittings? The following is the installation steps of ppr pipe fittings.

1. Please check the power supply and equipment carefully before installation, and wipe the PPR pipes and fittings.

2. Hot melts made by conventional manufacturers usually have red and green indicators. The red light indicates heating and the green light indicates a constant temperature. The temperature during hot-melt is between 260 ℃ and 280 ℃. Below or above this temperature, the joints cannot be completely melted and there is a hidden danger of water leakage.

3. Before connecting, check each PPR pipeline to prevent damage to the pipeline during transportation. If there is local damage, you should subtract 4-5cm from both ends of the PPR pipe and hit the PPR pipe with a hammer to prevent it from rupturing and ensure the quality of the PPR pipe. When cutting a PPR pipe, its end face must be perpendicular to the pipe axis. Use special pipe shears when cutting the pipe.

4. When the hot-melt machine is heating: Insert one end of the PPR pipe into the heating mold cover without rotation, insert it into the indicated depth, and simultaneously push the pipe into the heating mold without rotation to reach the designated mark.

5. After the heating is completed, remove the pipe and fittings from the heating mold, insert them, and do not rotate them to make the joint form a uniform flange. PPR pipes with different diameters have different hot-melt depths, heating time, processing time, cooling time, etc.

6. Within the processing time, the newly welded joint can also be calibrated and can be rotated a small amount. However, it is strictly forbidden to force correction after the processing time has elapsed. Note: The connected pipes and fittings must not be inclined.

7. During the specified cooling time, it is strictly forbidden to put newly processed joints under external force.



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