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How to make PVC pipe fitting mold?

China pipe fitting mold supplier provide high-quality PVC pipe fitting mold, PVC pipe fittings production equipment, PVC pipe fitting molding line. Yuanrun Mould is passionate about providing you with the perfect PVC pipe fittings solution. Yuanrun Mould specializes in manufacturing and designing various pipe fitting molds. For many years, Yuanrun's R&D team has been constantly adjusting and optimizing to adapt to various irregular shaped PVC, PPR, PP and PE pipe fitting molds. From large bends and tees to various special-shaped pipe fittings, the molds we manufacture are based on the characteristics of different pipe fittings, and then choose core pulling, sliders, and screw rotation and other methods to meet the complex pipe fitting applications.

How to make a PVC pipe fitting mold?
1. Introduce the pipeline installation environment. We will design 45° lateral, tees, and other shapes of fittings for you.
2. Tell us what pipe fittings are used for. We can choose right raw materials for you. Typically, CPVC is used for high pressure piping and UPVC is used for drainage piping. Then, we will choose right mold steel according to the characteristics of the raw materials.
3. Yuanrun uses AutoCAD, UG, Catia, SolidWorks and other software to design the mold structure and communicate with you in time. Then, start the mold flow analysis.
4. Start making pipe fitting mold, trialling mold, checking sample. Ensure that the mold surface is smooth and high precision.
5. Delivery mold.

Each mold made by Yuanrun Mould uses high quality steel materials, which are sourced from trusted and trusted mold steel suppliers. Due to the corrosive nature of PVC material, we usually choose steel DIN1.2316 for manufacturing PVC pipe molds, which have excellent corrosion resistance, wear resistance and toughness, and the mold life is at least 500,000 times. In addition, the mold pipe has a suitable wall thickness, which can withstand high injection pressure for a long time, while helping customers reduce costs. Yuanrun Mould is honored to customize the pipe fittings or produce pipe fittings for you. Don't hesitate to contact us.


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